Beautifully Traditional

Pyjamas For Men

Look dashingly smart in our divinely traditional pyjamas of the finest of cottons

Sleep in style with our majestically comfortable pyjamas. They are 100% of the finest of cottons and the tailoring is beautifully finished with elegant piping. The collar is utterly exquisite. The leg is quite long to stop the normal cropping- up -the -calf- at night issue... The waistband is nicely encased and doing away with a drawstring that usually gets lost in the wash! The fabrics are exquisitely traditional in patterns, except for the Turquoise Tartan... We would love to know which Clan it may come from! The patterns will change over time as each stock is limited. We might go flowery next season... The summer Pj shorts are in the making with gorgeously smart and wacky patterns to match the Ladies and Girls range. Trendy young men loved the samples and we can't wait to jump to Spring in order to show them off.